2023 - 68th Edition


Under the slogan 'Completing the images. Thinking cinema at Seminci', a new activity bursts into the festival in collaboration with the University of Valladolid and with a clear objective: to create a place for enrichment and exchange, where to promote cinematographic knowledge and bring the public closer to the creators.

An itinerary of screenings and subsequent meetings with the authors - and people linked to the projects and the issues addressed - give rise to different experiences around cinema, with special attention to the most innovative forms and the artistic challenges faced by filmmakers in adopting them in their work.

The European Film Academy (EFA) will also contribute to the extensive program with the participation of filmmakers presenting their latest works in different sections of the festival, with a meeting on 'The great producers of auteur cinema', with Ada Solomon, Rebecca O'Brien and Andrea Queralt. In addition, filmmakers such as Lois Patiño, Laura Ferrés or Paula Ortiz will approach UVa students to unravel their creative and research processes in the innovative forms and artistic crossroads faced by the cinema of today.

  • Paraninfo de la Universidad de Valladolid / Theaters where the different titles are screened: Teatro Zorrilla, Teatro Calderón, Broadway Cinemas.
  • From Saturday, October 21 to Friday, October 27 Students and general public. Pre-registration
  • More information: actividades@seminci.com