2023 - 68th Edition


The European Film Academy (EFA) disembarks for the first time at the Seminci with activities focused on both professionals and the public. The institution's Executive Committee will hold its annual meeting on Friday, October 20 and Saturday, October 21 in Valladolid, with the institution's president, Agnieszka Holland, at the helm.

On Sunday, October 22, the Seminci will host several meetings with academics. "Moving your Films Beyond their Boundaries of Origin" is aimed at professionals taking their first steps in the film scene and with special attention to the regional industry, with the presence of producers Mike Downey, Mira Staleva and Antonio Saura.

In an event open to all audiences, producers Ada Solomon and Rebecca O'Brien, members of the EFA executive committee, along with Spanish Andrea Queralt - co-producer of Lo que arde (Oliver Laxe, 2019) and co-screenwriter with Víctor Irirarte of Sobre todo de noche will talk about the role of women in auteur film production.

Patio Herreriano Museum
Sunday, October 22nd

  • "Moving your Films Beyond their Boundaries of Origin", with Mike Downey, Mira Staleva and Antonio Saura, 12.00 p.m.
  • "The great female producers of auteur cinema", with Ada Solomon, Rebecca O'Brien and Andrea Queralt, 4.30 pm. Free access until full capacity is reached.