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Our history

Thematic books, by filmmakers, about the history of the Festival or about cinematographies are the most common topics. Here you can consult a list of these publications.
SEMINCI magazine is a daily publication during the festival. You can find reports, interviews and articles about the edition.
In the history of SEMINCI many people have participated as jury in the different sections. Here you can consult the history with some notes on their biographies.
Every year the Festival has a different main poster that has marked the image of the edition. Here you can check what they have been.
Throughout the history of SEMINCI, many personalities from the world of cinematography have been honored. Here you can consult a list with the details of his tributes.
From the first edition in 1956 to the present day, many films and personalities from the world of national and international cinematography have passed through Valladolid. Here you can check that information.
There have been many movies and short films awarded in the SEMINCI. Here you can consult a list of the most important awards of each edition.
The Film Week’s ‘Spikes’ have become true classics in the world of film awards which some of the most important filmmakers of the last few decades have received . They are handed out every year during the closing ceremony held at the Festival’s main venue, Teatro Calderón.
Different directors have had the Festival throughout its history