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Antonio Hernández: «Thank you for allowing me to be a humble god in each film»

From left to right, Roberto Álvarez, Ruth Gabriel, Avelino and Antonio Hernández and José Ramón González

22/10/2019.- As part of the celebration of the Day for Audiovisuals in Castile and Leon, the filmmaker from Salamanca Antonio Hernández has received today the Honour Spike from the 64th International Film Week in Valladolid, Seminci, 40 years after having visited the festival for the first time with his first feature film, F.E.M. Joined on the stage of Teatro Zorrilla by actors Roberto Álvarez and Ruth Gabriel, as well as José Ramón González, Cultural Policies Director of the Regional Government of Castile and Leon, the filmmaker has thanked Seminci for «betting on the permanence of cinema and its diffusion» and also the public, for allowing him “to be a humble god in each film.

«With films we invent universes, we create other realities from our dreams in which we live the impossible, in which time and space fall in love». This is how Hernández has described his profession, then he has added: «I owe my career to the person who believed in me the first and more than anyone, who was on this stage with me 40 years ago and who I invite to come up to take a second picture of that shot, to improve it». His brother Avelino, with whom he wrote and produced the film which has marked his filmography, in the City without Limits (En la ciudad sin límites), chosen to complete the tribute today in the festival. This film, which he also directed, obtained five Goya nominations, and finally won the award to the Best Script (as well as the Best Supporting Actress to Geraldine Chaplin).

For films like this one, Roberto Álvarez, one of the main actors, has said that «Antonio is part of the history of Spanish cinema». «Apart from being my best friend, he is a wise man: he knows about cinema, language, where to place the camera… and, on top of that, he writes like angels do», he added. The actor from Asturias has recognized the value of Hernández’s work with the actors: «The best way of directing them is from kindness, praise, and that it how he does». Álvarez has ended his speech wishing the filmmaker «many more well-deserved prices like this one».

His namesake Antonio Saura has also praised the filmmaker from Salamanca. He has not been able to attend the tribute but dedicated some words to the director through Ruth Gabriel: «I have always valued your capacity to tell stories and your continuous obsession to find the hardest». The producer has also remembered En la ciudad sin límites: «I have taken this film with me around the world as an example of how good films are made in Spain». He has also highlighted the «the great cast» that Hernández brought together for this film: along with Chaplin, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Ana Fernández, Adriana Ozores and Roberto Álvarez itself, among others. «And Fernando Fernán Gómez, to whom you gave the great role of the end of his life», Saura affirmed.

After receiving congratulations from actress María Valverde on the screen of Teatro Zorrilla through a video («thank you for having made me part of your wonderful career»), and before saying goodbye to give way to the film, Hernández promised: «I will be back before it’s late».


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