Closing gala’s green carpet walk as the Festival’s 64th edition nears its end

Closing gala’s green carpet walk as the Festival’s 64th edition nears its end

Closing gala’s green carpet walk as the Festival’s 64th edition nears its end
Actor Óscar Jaenada

10/26/2019.- Today, 26 October, the Valladolid International Film Festival rolled out its green carpet for the traditional walk  prior to the Film Week’s closing gala. The parade took place outside Teatro Calderón and started at 6:00 pm. It was joined by film celebrities like Kira Miró, Adrián Lastra, Ruth Gabriel, Natalia Roig and Óscar Jaenada.

The Festival’s director Javier Angulo and the local Councilor for Culture, Ana Redondo -dressed by Natacha Arranz- were the  first authorities to walk the carpet, followed by the city Mayor Óscar Puente, who was accompanied by his wife Laura Soria wearing a dress by César González and jewelry by Antonio Zúñiga.

Eva Marciel and Elena Sánchez

It was a few minutes past 6:00 pm, when the public gathered outside the theatre had the opportunity to enjoy the celebrity parade that took place in great weather and to the vibrant  accompaniment of percussion ensemble  Kubbo band. It was  an exhilarating ending for an 8-day celebration of auteur cinema. Actors, filmmakers and jurors appeared on the green carpet for almost an hour to say goodbye to the 64th edition of Seminci. At a quarter past six arrived Eva Marciel and Elena Sánchez: the gala presenters were welcomed by a cheering crowd whom they gladly approached.

Spanish actors Natalia Roig, Victor Palmero, Nerea Barros, Micky Molina and Laura Minguell -wearing a spectacular blue couture dress by José Martín and jewels by Espacio Tosca- were the next guests to appear. Claudia Vega, whose artist’s name is Orovega, arrived minutes later wearing a dress by the designer Natacha Arranz (she was entrusted with one of the gala’s musical performances) .

International filmmakers and actors also joined the parade, including The County‘s director Grímur Hákonsrasson and the Icelandic actress Arndis Egilsdottir, who stars in the movie; the director of Men of Hard Skin, José Celestino Campusano; and the co-star  of A Tale of Three Sisters, Ecce Yüksel, who wore a white dress by José Martín and a bag by Francis and Teo.

Actress Kira Miró

Following the arrival of the International Jury, joined this year by journalist and writer Rosa Montero, the green carpet was walked by those entrusted with presenting the awards during the 64th edition’s closing gala. The first to do so was the popular actress Kira Miró, who wore a stunningly elegant  white dress by Agapi-Mu Novias. She was followed by actor Adrián Lastra; the director of Summer Solstice Carlota González-Adrio, who was accompanied by the film’s co-star Aida Folch; Ruth Gabriel, who wore  a wonderful black dress with feather details by Esther Noriega; Gonzalo Miró, and actress Marina San José, who provided a note of contrast with a black and gold suit. The last to appear on the green carpet of the 64th edition of the Valladolid International Film Festival were Spanish actor Óscar Jaenada and Finnish actress and co-star of the closing film Anna-Maijia Tuokko.