Seminci presents the short films in the DOC. Spain section

Seminci presents the short films in the DOC. Spain section

Seminci presents the short films in the DOC. Spain section
Octavio Guerra, director of ‘Apache’

24/10/2019.- On Thursday, October 24, the Broadway Cinemas screened the four short films selected in the DOC. Spain section of the 64th Valladolid International Film Festival — Apache, Dar Dar ELAntartida, Litoral, and Beyond the Glacier. The directors shared their experiences and answered audience questions during the discussion following the screening.

Apache is a story about reintegration depicting the experiences of Jesús, the protagonist, in a social programme. Director Octavio Guerra confessed that “the filming took very long” and added that “the editing was really hard.” Jesús had spent 10 years living on the streets and had managed to stop drinking with the help of social services. The director highlights the truth behind the short film and says that “it is essential to be faithful to the idea that got you inspired in the first place.”

Litoral tells the director’s grandmother story by telling the story of a village and a generation. Director Juanjo Rueda believes that “the documentary is the most powerful genre of all” and admitted he was looking for honesty when he inserted himself in his own short film. “My grandmother’s life was marked by its context,” he said.

Dar Dar ELAntartida aims to help and draw attention to patients with ALS through an Antarctic expedition. Pablo Olmos climbs virtually one of the highest peaks in the world with the help of Unai Llantada, who brings him along in the most special way he knows. Raul San Román, who directed the short film, confessed “how afraid I was to face the project”, and also expressed his admiration for the film’s protagonist: “He taught me that getting to the top is possible,” he said.

Beyond the Glacier, directed by David Rodríguez Muñiz, was also screened. The short film was shot in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan and depicts the life of the local fishermen. It also shows how human beings interact with an increasingly damaged nature.

Juanjo Rueda, director and Luis Murillo, prroducer, of ‘Litoral’