69th edition. October 18-26, 2024

The animated cinema stars in Miniminci, section aimed at Elementary School students

Le vent dans les roseaux, by Nicolas Liguori and Arnaud Demuynck

09/25/2019.- The seventh edition of Miniminci, a non-competitive film show aimed at children between 7 and 12 years old, elementary school students from schools in Valladolid and the rest of Castile and Leon, will include on this 64th Seminci a total of 16 feature films, 14 of which are animation films. In addition, three of these films contain whithin them small audiovisual pieces by different authors in the form of short films.

The Valladolid Laboratory of Arts (LAVA), the Miguel Delibes Auditorium and the Cervantes Theater are the venues where Miniminci screenings will be held, and so far 90 primary schools from Valladolid capital and province (Segovia, Zamora, Burgos and Salamanca) have asked to attend. The selected films come from countries such as Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, France, China, Venezuela, or the Czech Republic.

In this seventh edition, young spectators will have the chance to watch films such as Azahar, by Rafael Ruiz; Baishe: Yuanqi (White Snake), by Amp Wong and Ji Zhao; Luis & The Aliens (Luis y los extraterrestres), by Manuel J. García; Den Utrolige Historie om den Kæmpestore Pære (The Incredible Story Of The Giant Pear); Elkano Lehen Mundu Bira (Elcano and Magellan, the First Trip Around the World); Ernest et Célestine en hiver (Ernest & Célestine, Winter Tales); Gordon och Paddy (Gordon And Paddy); Mia et le lion blanc (Mia And The White Lion); and three films made of short films: Zog (Zog, Dragons And Heroines), The Highway Rat and Le vent dans les roseaux (The Wind Among The Reeds).

Like last year, the festival will include two family sessions: the screening with live piano music of Buster Keaton’s classic The Cameraman and the screening of Pat a Mat: Zimní radovánky (Pat & Mat: Winter Fun), by Marek Benes.

The Miniminci section is sponsored by the Junta de Castilla y León, El Norte de Castilla and Leche Gaza.


  • Azahar, by Rafael Ruiz (Spain, 2018) – Animation
  • Luis & the Aliens, by Christoph Lauenstein, Wolfgang Lauenstein and Sean McCormack (Germany / Luxemburg / Denmark, 2018) – Animation
  • Bikes, by Manuel J. García (Spain / China / Argentina, 2018) – Animation
  • The Cameraman, by Edward Sedgwick (United States, 1928)
  • Den Utrolige Historie Om Den Kæmpestore Pære (The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear), by Philip Einstein Lipski, Jørgen Lerdam and Amalie Næsby Fick (Denmark, 2017) – Animation
  • Elkano Lehen Mundu Bira (Elcano and Magellan, the First Trip Around the World), by Ángel Alonso (Spain, 2019) – Animation
  • Ernest et Célestine en hiver (Ernest & Célestine, Winter Tales), by Jean Christophe Roger and Julien Cheng (France / Luxemburg / Belgium, 2017) – Animation
  • Gordon och Paddy (Gordon and Paddy), by Linda Hambäck (Sweden, 2017) – Animation
  • Mia et Lion Blanc (Mia And The White Lion), by Gilles de Maistre (France / Germany / South  Africa, 2018)
  • Monky, by Maria Blom (Sweden, 2017) – Animation
  • Baishe: Yuanqi (White Snake), by Amp Wong and Ji Zhao (China / United States, 2019) – Animation
  • Mission H2O, by Álvaro Cáceres (Venezuela, 2018) – Animation
  • Pat a Mat: Zimní Radovánky (Pat & Mat: Winter Fun), by Marek Beneš (Czech Republic, 2018) – Animation
  • The Highway Rat, by Jeroen Jaspaert (United Kingdom, 2017) – Animation. Contain whithin it:
    • Dva tramvaya (Two Trams), by Svetlana Andrianova (Russia, 2016) – Animation
    • Kuap (Kum kum), by Nils Hedinger (Switzerland, 2018) – Animation
    • Le Tigre sans rayures (The Tiger without Stripes), by Raúl ‘Robin’ Morales (France / Switzerland, 2018) – Animation
  • ZOG (Zog, Dragons And Heroines), by Max Lang and Daniel Snaddon (United Kingdom, 2018) – Animation. Contain whithin it:
    • Matilda, by Irene Iborra and Eduard Puertas (France / Spain / Belgium, 2018) – Animation
    • Co se stalo v ZOO (ZOO Story), by Veronika Zacharová (Checoslovaquia, 2015) – Animation
    • Königin Po (Queen Bum), by Maja Gehrig (Switzerland, 2015) – Animation
    • One Small Step, by Bobby Pontillas and Andrew Chesworth (United States / China, 2018) – Animation
  • Le vent dans les roseaux (The Wind Among The Reeds), by Nicolas Liguori and Arnaud Demuynck (France / Belgium / Switzerland, 2016) – Animation
    • Dentelles et dragon (Daisies and Dragon), by Anaïs Sorrentino (France / Belgium, 2015) – Animation
    • La chasse au Dragon (Dragon Hunt), by Arnaud Demuynck (France / Belgium, 2015) – Animation
    • La licorne (The Unicorn), by Rémi Durin (France / Belgium, 2016) – Animation
    • La Petite fille et la nuit (The Little Girl and the Night), by Madina Iskhakova (France / Belgium / Switzerland, 2015) – Animation

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