69th edition. October 18-26, 2024
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‘The night of Spanish short films’ features six films by the new generation of filmmakers at Meeting Point

Directors of the films of ‘La Noche del Corto Español’

24/10/19.- A new edition of ‘The night of Spanish short films’ took place at the Zorrilla Theatre on Thursday, October 24, when six short films were premiered — Beef, by Ingride Santos; María, by Paco Ruíz; Todo el mundo se parece de lejos, by Rafa de los Arcos; La prueba, by Joaquín Villalonga; Solsticio de verano, by Carlota González-Adrio; and El método PIGS, by Boris Kozlov.

Beef was the short film that opened the evening. Melisa is a bad-mannered teenager who argues with her literature teacher after an exam one day. Director Ingride Santos is a production graduate from ESCAC, where she is a teacher. Ruth Gabriel, one of the actresses who presented the short film, said: “We had an extraordinary script, a great director, and an amazing co-star.”

María tells the story of a mother who takes care of her son Bruno, who has just been released from a mental health centre. The short film was presented by filmmaker Paco Ruiz, who has directed six short films, including Insidia (2017) or Silente (2016).

In Todo el mundo se parece de lejos, by Rafa de los Arcos, Celia returns to her mother’s house after breaking up with her partner, trying to fix her life after a crisis. When he presented his short film, Rafa de los Arcos, who directed Love of Lesbian’s Cuestiones de familia music video, said that “this right now is when what we directors do really makes sense. While you’re immersed in the project, sometimes things don’t make that kind of sense.”

La prueba tells the story of Espe, who thinks she is pregnant, freaking out over having to tell her partner. Filmmaker Joaquín Villalonga has directed seven short films and participated in the filming of Wonder Woman 1984 or Arde Madrid.

Carlota González-Adrio, a student at ESCAC, presented Solsticio de verano. The short film tells the reunion of four brothers in their grandparents’ old house, where they used to get together as children at the summer solstice. She was the art director of the short film Tahrib, screened in the last edition of Seminci.

El método PIGS, by Boris Kozlov, closed the evening. Toni is obsessed with self-employment and gurus, working non-stop with the help of his niece Caty so as to be able to survive, support his son Jon, and win back his ex-partner.

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