69th edition. October 18-26, 2024

Unknown cinematographies and contemporary dramas, at the focus of Meeting Point

Tiché Doteky (A Certain Kind of Silence), by Michal Hoganauer

64 Seminci selects for Meeting Point 13 films and 15 short films, which deal with the current situation of childhood, families, religion, women and illness in different parts of the world

2019/30/09.- A total of 13 films and 15 short films will be part of the 64 International Film Week in Valladolid, SEMINCI, in the Meeting Point section, a parallel competitive screening that brings together first and second fiction films, selected for their theme or stylistic value. The films, which will be competing for a first price of 20,000 Euro, are mainly international co-productions, therefore this section will include representation from twenty different countries, among them Argentina, Switzerland, Afghanistan, Turkey, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Slovakia, Germany and Czech Republic.

Hava, Maryam, Ayesha, by Sahraa Karimi

The films selected are Bik Eneich (A Son), by Mehdi Barsaoui; End of Season, by Elmar Imanov (Tunisia / France); O fim do mundo (The End of the World), by Basil Da Cunha (Switzerland); Küçük Seyler (La belle indifference), by Kivanç Sezer (Turkey); Le Miracle du saint inconnu (The Unknown Saint), by Alaa Eddine Aijem (Morocco / France / Catar); Moothon (The Elder One), by Geethu Mohandas (India); Oray, by Mehmet Akif Büyükatalay (Germany), and Tiché Doteky (A Certain Kind of Silence), by Michal Hogenauer (Czech Republic / the Netherlands / Latvia). Two of the film titles that will be programmed in this edition are Oscar nominees in the category Best Foreign Language Film: Hava, Maryam, Ayesha, by Sahraa Karimi, for Afghanistan, and Nech Je Svetlo (Let Here Be Light), by Marko Škop, representing Slovakia.

The Argentinian cinematography will have two film titles competing: Fin de Siglo, by Lucio Castro, and Los miembros de la familia, by Mateo Bendesky. The Spanish competitor will be Un tiempo precioso, actor Miguel Molina’s debut as a director.

The film titles offer an overview of cinematographies that are uncommon on our screen. Most, take place in the present time and have very varied storylines that range from the difficult situation of children in some countries, the different family models and the complex relationships between their members, the present consequences of having taken bad decisions in the past, the influence of religion in the lives of people and the different attitudes towards old-age or illness.

Anna, by Dekel Berenson

The section Meeting Point will offer 15 films this 64 Seminci, which will compete for a 3,000 Euro price: Anna, by Dekel Berenson (United Kingdom); Dossier of the Dossier, by Sorayos Prapapan (Tailand); Eyes On The Road, by Stefanie Kolk (Netherlands) Hãy tỉnh thức và sẵn sàn (Stay Awake, Be Ready), by Pham Thien An (Vietnam / South Korea / United States); Invisível heroi (Invisible Hero), by Cristele Alves (Portugal / Francia); The Van, by Erenik Beqiri (France / Albania); and Ingen Iyssnar (Who talks), by Elin Övergaard (Switzerland). The selection also includes one animation title, Inside Me, by Maria Trigo Texeira (Germany).

The short film selection is completed with the six announced film titles of many other debut directors that will integrate the section The Spanish Short Film Evening and, which will be competing for a 3,000 Euro award: Beef, by Ingride Santos; La prueba, by Joaquín Villalonga; María, by Paco Ruiz; El método PIGS, by Boris Kozlov; Solsticio de verano, by Carlota González-Adrio, and Todo el mundo se parece de lejos, by Rafael de los Arcos.

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