69th edition. October 18-26, 2024

The festival launches Canal Seminci, a platform that will allow the public and the press to attend the events of the 65th edition

  • Canal Seminci will have a live broadcast of the press conferences, master classes and professional meetings and will facilitate the intervention of journalists and film crews that cannot travel to Valladolid

14/10/2020.- On this 65th edition, the Valladolid International Film Festival launches Canal Seminci, a new platform to broadcast the festival that will allow the press, industry and spectators to attend the events that on previous editions were open to the public but this year will have very limited capacity due to COVID-19 health measures.

Canal Seminci is essentially a television programme with live and online broadcasting which includes two main services that will be accessible through the website www.seminci.es. On the one hand, it will broadcast all the events that take place in the Salón de los Espejos (the Hall of Mirrors) of the Calderón Theatre and it will allow the audience to interact at press conferences, round tables, professional meetings, master classes and the award ceremony. On the other hand, it will allow on-demand viewing of the already-broadcast contents, which will be available on the platform for viewing at any time.

Among the new features that the Channel offers on this 65th edition, there are participatory events, such as press conferences where journalists can do their work telematically. This system will also allow the intervention of film crews that have not been able to travel to Valladolid to present their productions at the festival.

The Hall of Mirrors of the Calderón Theatre will become the preferred set of the Canal Seminci, a communication tool that will help to alleviate some of the limitations that cultural events have within the current context. The platform will broadcast Seminci events that were open to the public before the pandemic, such as master classes and professional meetings, which will include a new edition of the Women’s Forum and the Meeting on Distribution.


Canal Seminci will offer self-produced content, such as daily summaries and special pieces for each day, as well as interviews with the film-makers and other guests. In addition, Canal Seminci will include live broadcasts of the most outstanding events of this 65th edition, such as the red carpet on the opening and closing ceremonies, the Opening Gala, the Castilla y León Film Gala, and the Spanish Film Gala.

Interested spectators and professionals must click on the Canal Seminci icon on the website www.seminci.es and, after registering as users, you will be able to access all available content.

Seminci on social media

The Valladolid International Film Week gives spectators other tools to follow closely this 65th edition. Firstly, our traditional Seminci magazine, which will be edited daily and will offer interviews, reports and all the daily news of the festival. Secondly, everyone can get all the latest news of Seminci through our social media.

You can find Seminci on  Facebook, where we have 20.7k followers; Twitter, where we have 42.2k followers; and Instagram, with almost 6k followers, as well as YouTube and  Flickr, where we have a huge archive of audiovisual and graphic materials available. Through these social media, the festival shares all the most recent information of daily contents, the events that are held each day, the daily agenda and news, the visits of film crews, and parallel activities.


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