69th edition. October 18-26, 2024

Castilla León in Short Film brings together the works of young creators of the region at the 66th Seminci

The Valladolid International Film Festival has programmed today Monday, 25th October 2021, the works competing in the section Castilla León in Short film, films that have been shot in the region or by directors from the region.

The screening was attended by most of the directors, who addressed the audience before the beginning of the session to present their short films.

Sara Rivero and Borja Mestre, director and actor, respectively, presented Castilla Mal [Bad Castilla]. The director pointed out that “we must not lose focus of the projects that come from here, of what it costs to raise projects from Castilla Leon. Valladolid now has the title of Creative City and we love it, but creativity without an economy that supports it will not stop people leaving and in the end we become exiled talent.”

Esther Pastor, director of Lo que Importa [What Matters], lamented the lack of funding in cinema and added that her short film “has already been around for a while,” although this is the first time she has seen “well-known people” in the auditorium.

Director Herminio Cardiel and actress Clara Parada presented Actúa [Act], which “was born from the need to continue telling stories during the pandemic.” Cardiel defended that, although his short film was simple and humble, “often times we realise that in the end, having a story, a wonderful actress, a big face behind filming… you don’t need more.”

El Rey de las Flores [King of the Flowers] by Alberto Velasco, was presented by Adrián Pascual, cameraman of the short film, who read a few words on behalf of the filmmaker: “For all the children who have had to survive by inventing a person they are not. Each and every one of the acronyms of the LGTBIQ movement, women, racialised people and for all of us who are sick and tired of turning the other cheek when we are insulted, assaulted or killed.”

El Secreto [The Secret] was presented by its director Gustavo Martín Garzo, accompanied by the main actress, Sagrario Fernández; the head of sound Fernando Arroyo and director of photography Victor Hugo Martín. The writer and now director was inspired by a story by Juan Eduardo Zúñiga, which “is a reflection on the world of love, the idea of love as a secret life.”

The Repeater, by Grete Suárez was presented by its main star, Oliver Green, who defined the short film as “a journey of discovery.”

Director Pablo Quijano and actress Laura Corbacho presented Marinera de Luces [Sailor of Lights], a work dedicated to the LGTBIQ group “who have not experienced a first love and who, like Vera, never lose hope of finding their sailor of lights.”

The programme was completed with Aqueducts, by Álvaro Martín Sanz.

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