68th edition. October 21-28, 2023

Open call for the position of director of SEMINCI

The person appointed will assume the functions of management and coordination of the festival, all the activities developed under its brand and the new Espacio Seminci, among others.

The deadline for submitting applications to the FMC will be twenty calendar days from the publication of the call for applications in the BOE.

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The Municipal Foundation of Culture (FMC) of the City Council of Valladolid announces the selective process to fill the position of director of the International Film Week of Valladolid (Seminci).

Applicants must submit a project proposal for the direction, management and administration of the festival for a minimum period of two years and prove experience of at least five full years in management or coordination of international film festivals, among other requirements established in the rules of the process.

Also valued will be the cinematographic training of the participants in the process, the publication of research work on the audiovisual, experience in specialized media, participation as a jury at festivals, the realization of audiovisual productions or belonging to entities in the sector.

The call, published today in the Official Bulletin of the Province, establishes as the main functions of the position the management of the Seminci, of all the activities developed throughout the year around the brand of the event and the new Seminci Space, linked to the festival of the Golden Spike. The person appointed to fill the position will also be in charge of the ordinary representation of the festival, direct the work teams that provide services to the festival and propose to the FMC Governing Council the action plans for the event, both for the days of the festival and, if deemed necessary, for extension activities over time.

The technical evaluation committee in charge of evaluating the candidacies and presenting a selection of candidates for the Presidency of the FMC will be made up of Carmelo Irigoyen, manager of the Municipal Foundation of Culture; Javier Angulo, acting director of the Seminci; Fernando Lara, former director of the festival; Maite Conesa, director of the Film Library of Castilla y León; and Ana Isabel Mellado, director of the Film Library of Castilla y León; Ana Isabel Mellado, director of the Culture and Tourism Department of the Valladolid City Council; Juan Manuel Guimerans, manager of the Sociedad Mixta para la Promoción del Turismo de Valladolid and general secretary of the Spain Film Commission, and Paz Altés, secretary of the technical committee, a career civil servant of the Valladolid City Council.

The deadline for submitting nominations will be twenty calendar days from the publication of the call in the Official State Gazette.

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