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Seminci chooses “Showing Up”, a tribute to the trajectory and growth of the festival, as the image of its 68th edition

The Catalan designer Toni Pontí repeats as author of the official poster of the festival, with which he intends to reflect that “changes are part of evolution”.

The design “Coincidir”, by Diego Gil from Burgos, will be the image of the Meeting Point section, while “Historias del pasado”, by the Basque designer Ibone Etxebarria, will represent Tiempo de Historia

The official poster for the upcoming 68th edition of the International Film Week (Seminci), to be held from October 20 to 28, is the work of Catalan designer Toni Pontí and is entitled Showing Up. The jury unanimously selected Pontí’s image from a total of 312 proposals received and viewed anonymously until issuing its decision. The art director from Lleida, who specializes in graphic design, photography and costume design for film and advertising, signed the poster for the Punto de Encuentro section on the 60th anniversary of the festival, as well as the official image of the festival in the 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2019 editions.

Pontí’s approach when making this poster is “a clear tribute to the 68 years of life of the festival”, to the changes and its evolution. “The intention was to represent all this by alluding to the fact that changes are part of evolution.” With a nineties aesthetic, the poster reflects the growth of the festival through 68 lines “corresponding to the editions from a point of view of growth, positioning, dynamism, strength and trajectory and all this concentrated in a completely graphic and typographic design where the whole reflected the halo of a projection,” according to the author.

Meeting Point and Time of History

In this 15th edition of the poster competition, the posters for the Meeting Point and Time of History sections have also been selected. The winning entry in the Meeting Point section is entitled Coincidir. The poster, the work of Diego Gil, a designer from Burgos, is based on horizontal stripes that “converge in a common space in the form of film strips from filmmakers with different points of view and languages, which are projected at a meeting point at Seminci”, in such a way that authors and spectators “merge, creating a place or link where they can share stories and live experiences”.

Diego Gil, interior architect and designer, has achieved numerous awards in his facet as a graphic designer. Among other works, he has been awarded for his posters for the 30th anniversary of the EXPO’92 in Seville for the Fidas Foundation, the Campo de Criptana carnival, the 24th edition of the Menorca Jazz Festival and the logo for the 50th anniversary of the Dama de Baza, among others.

Stories from the past is the title of the winning poster of the Time of History section, the work of the young designer Ibone Etxebarria. With an old family photo with blurred faces as the main resource, the designer proposes “to represent all the people whose experiences have been forgotten and the importance of these narratives to find their space”.

Ibone Etxebarria, born 27 years ago and based in Getxo (Bizkaia), studied at the Escuela de Arte Superior de Diseño de Burgos and, later, a higher degree in graphic design. She currently works as a designer in a studio in Bilbao.

Prizes and jury

The winners of this contest will receive three prizes of 3,000 euros for the author of the official image of the 68th edition, and 600 euros for the authors of the posters of the sections Meeting Point and Time of History, respectively. The jury made this decision on the basis of the 581 poster entries (312 for Official, 159 for Meeting Point and 110 for Time of History), evaluated anonymously and based on the criteria of aesthetic quality, originality of the entries, aesthetic, functional and cultural values, as indicated in the competition rules.

The jury of the poster contest was chaired by Ana Redondo García, councilor of Culture and Tourism and president of the Municipal Foundation of Culture, with Carmelo Irigoyen, manager of the Municipal Foundation of Culture of the City of Valladolid; José Luis Cienfuegos, director of SEMINCI; Vanessa García Rivas, head of Marketing and Communication of the School of Design (ESI); Daniel Villalobos, Doctor of Architecture/Coordinator of the Recognized Research Group (GIR) ‘Architecture and Cinema’ of the University of Valladolid; Javier Ruisánchez, Professor of Graphic Design at the School of Art and CRBC of Valladolid, Sara Pérez Barreiro, Doctor of Architecture/Recognized Research Group (GIR) ‘Architecture and Cinema’ of the University of Valladolid, and Javier Angulo Barturen, former director of Seminci.

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