2021 – 66th Edition

Leandro J. Martín

Fundos Award Jury

He has been, among other positions, a member of the RTVE Council in Castile and Léon, a member of the University of Valladolid’s Social Council, and a union representative for UGT in the CGR (Renault Mundo Group Committee), the Intercenter committees and the Renault Foundation. He is currently a patron of the Fundación Obra Social de Castilla y León (Fundos), a private, nonprofit organisation that works in favour of inclusion and equal opportunities.

Leandro J. Martín

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2021 – 66th Edition
Jurado Premio Fundos 2021 - Javier Alonso Magaz

Javier Alonso Magaz

Jurado Premio Fundos 2021 - Eduardo del Llano

Eduardo del Llano

Jurado Premio Fundos 2021 - Teresa Font - © Mambrú, El Hombre Ola

Teresa Font

Jurado Premio Fundos 2021 - Leandro J. Martín

Leandro J. Martín

Jurado Premio Fundos 2021 - Belén Viloria

Belén Viloria