2021 – 66th Edition

Yolanda Moreno

Rainbow Spike Jury

She teaches Plastic, Visual and Audiovisual Arts in secondary education. As an artist, she has developed work in several disciplines related to the visual arts, with a special focus in recent years on photography, experimental video and short film. She is a member of Fundación de Triángulo and of CinHomo’s organisation, as well as being part of the latter festival’s short film programming team.

Yolanda Moreno

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2021 – 66th Edition
Jurado Espiga Verde 2021 - Lucien Burckel de Tell

Lucien Burckel de Tell

Jurado Espiga Verde 2021 - Roberto F. Canuto

Roberto F. Canuto

Jurado Espiga Verde 2021 - David Lagunilla

David Lagunilla

Jurado Espiga Verde 2021 - Yolanda Moreno

Yolanda Moreno

Jurado Espiga Verde 2021 - Mónica Tranque

Mónica Tranque