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Official Section

It will offer an overview of contemporary world cinema that confirms the vitality of contemporary cinema and showcases filmmakers from all over the world with an outstanding Spanish presence. Exceptionally, by decision of the Festival Management, feature films or short films out of competition may be included in this section.

Meeting Point

Road movies arrive at Meeting Point. A parallel competitive exhibition with an insatiable desire to explore unknown roads and back roads. It brings together first or second young fiction films in search of new horizons that have a special significance due to their thematic or stylistic value. This section also includes short films.

Time Of History

Proposals that reformulate the postulates of the documentary being on the border between reality and fiction. An exploration of the possibilities of the genre that embrace different and audacious aesthetic approaches based on archival materials, live films and reconstruction of past events.

Memory and Utopia

A showcase of forgotten, censored, lost and even destroyed films compiled through conservation and restoration processes from different parts of the world. A rediscovery of the history of cinema.


Born with the desire to present local stories with a universal spirit. Formed by films mostly signed by emerging talents who present their works for the first time at the Festival.

Seminci Joven

Competitive section aimed at young audiences between 12 and 18 years of age.


A non-competitive screening of films for children between the ages of 7 and 12.

Cinema Gourmet

A non-competitive exhibition of feature films and documentaries made by directors from the Castilla y León region, or which have been shot or produced in the region.

Features from Castilla y León

A non-competitive showcase of fiction feature-lengths or documentaries either made in the region or by directors born there.

Shorts from Castilla y León

Competitive section for short films made by directors born or residing in the community of Castilla y León, or which have been shot or produced in this community.


Devoted to the presentation and analysis of directors, genres, styles, a nation’s cinema, etc.