Carlos Cazurro, director of Carraco: “Taking many things for granted is the beginning of losing them”.

Carraco, the feature-length documentary debut of filmmaker Carlos Cazurro came to the big screen on Saturday 22 October as part of the 67th Seminci. The film, which is part of the Castilla y León en largo section, is a rural fable told in mockumentary format that vindicates the small stories that, in reality, are universal and that, far from dealing with local issues, speak of global problems.

Iván Carlón is in charge of giving voice to this work, but Miguel Ángel Tapia Palomo, Marta González Erro, Celestino Prieto, Joaquín Díaz, Noa Ladrón, Félix Sanz Sastre, César Rodríguez, Fabio Calvo, Elisa Cerrillo and Herminia Gato also take part in it.


It was presented by the director, scriptwriter and producer, Carlos Cazurro, and the director of photography and co-producer, Manuel Sevillano. “I am very happy to see faces that are here for the love of cinema”, said the latter moments before the screening. For his part, the director explained that “it is a film made by heart”, due to “the immense desire to make it” despite the scarcity of resources.

The documentary tells the story of Miguel Ángel, who, while on a route through his village, needs to make a phone call, but there is no signal. He then remembers a code he had with his grandfather to communicate in the distance with some ratchets. When he gets home, he discovers that it was something popular that was used a long time ago by many people in the villages of Montes Torozos (Valladolid), but that its use had been completely lost. It is then that he decides that it is time to investigate and recover it… But he soon discovers that it is not going to be easy.

“There are things that you take for granted that they are there, but one day they are gone. And if you don’t take care of them, they disappear. Taking a lot of things for granted is the beginning of losing them,” said Cazurro.

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