68th edition. October 21-28, 2023

DOC Spain screens “El joven Berlanga”, made by the filmmaker’s grandnephew

This Wednesday, the DOC.España section screened the feature film El joven Berlanga directed by Chechu García-Berlanga, the director’s great-nephew and screenwriter.

“In 2003 I made a short film and showed it to my uncle Luis, and as it wasn’t a comedy he didn’t see it and has never seen it”, García-Berlanga confessed, “I love cinema as much as he loved it”. The idea for the documentary, as the director explained, comes from the fact that last year was the centenary of his birth and he decided to make a project about Berlanga and Valencia.

“Thanks to Jose Luis García-Berlanga for his wisdom and contribution and to whom I owe a lot, to Andrés Llopis and to Fran JSC who couldn’t come”, concluded Chechu García-Berlanga.

“Luis said that eroticism was more important to him than cinema”, concluded the director before the screening began.

The film narrates the first 25 years of Luis García Berlanga’s life, from the time he was born in Valencia on 12 June 1921 until he decided to go to Madrid to study film in 1947. It is a vital period for understanding the personality of a genius, in which the protagonist, his world and his city undergo a constant process of transformation.

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