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2023 - 68th Edition

Jara Yáñez

International Jury

Chief editor of the film magazine ‘Caimán Cuader- nos de Cine’ since January 2022, she has worked on this publication since its foundation as ‘Cahiers du cinéma. España’ in 2007. She has also been a lecturer on ECZS Master’s Degree in Film Criticism (organised by ‘Caimán Cuadernos de Cine’ and the ECAM) since 2014 , and is a regular contributor to the TVE’s show ‘Historia de nuestro cine’.

She graduated in Art History from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, where she later studied for a PhD in Film History.

She is the author of books on film production, the exhibition of films in original version with subtitles, or the Spanish short film, as well as other texts for collaborative monographs on the cinema industry or individual filmmakers like Isabel Coixet, Pilar Miró, Elias León Siminiani, Mercedes Álvarez, Manuel Summers or Bong Joon-ho, among others. She has been a member of the DocumentaMadrid programming committee in two different periods (from 2009 to 2011 and from 2017 to 2019) and has collaborated with the short film selection committee of the Alcalá de Henares Festival since 2011. Her particular interest in the teaching and dissemination of film at every educational level has led her to curate two audiovisual retrospectives for children, respectively as part of the Museocinema programme of the Reina Sofía Museum and for the children’s sessions of Madrid en Corto. She collabo- rates regularly with the educational platform Pla- tino Educa and the EducaFilmoteca programme.

Her commitment to the introduction of the gender perspective in film criticism and analysis began with the publication of the book ‘Femenino plural’ (edited with Andrea Morán, 2017) and is reflected in many of her texts.

Jara Yáñez

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2023 - 68th Edition

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Jara Yáñez

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