Independent Film Market

October 25 to 27

From October 25 to 27, Valladolid will host the third edition of the Independent Film Market (MERCI Valladolid), an initiative co-organized by the Seminci and the Association of Independent Film Distributors (Adicine), made up of 16 of Spain’s leading distribution companies.

MERCI Valladolid, the only initiative of its kind in Spain, aims to promote independent and auteur cinema, bringing the most outstanding titles from Spanish independent distributors to exhibitors, television channels and platforms to facilitate and boost relations between professionals in the audiovisual industry.

Over three days, MERCI Valladolid -which takes over from Seville after hosting the first two editions- will program at the Broadway Cinemas the premieres of the most eagerly awaited independent and auteur films, scheduled to hit theaters at the end of 2023 and throughout 2024, by the various distributors that make up Adicine. The screenings will be of exclusive access for Spanish exhibitors, television channels and platforms, in order to encourage a better exploitation after their release.

MERCI Valladolid is a continuation of the activity Encuentra Distribución at Seminci over the past six editions, which has offered accredited professionals the opportunity to see titles programmed without a distributor in Spain, and within the framework of which the Jornadas de Distribución Independiente was organized in collaboration with Adicine, led by the former director of Seminci and the ICAA, Fernando Lara.

Coordinated by Olimpia Pont and Fernando Lara, MERCI Valladolid will continue holding these conferences, although with a new format that will bring together different meetings, talks and round tables with industry professionals. Among other objectives, they will bring together numerous industry experts to discuss new tools that both distributors and exhibitors can use in the development of their promotional strategies for each premiere.