2021 – 66th Edition

2021 – Nº 7

Friday, 29 October



The 66th Valladolid International Film Festival faces its final stretch and viewers eagerly attend the last few screenings of films in competition. After six intense days, the Official Section receives today two more candidates for the festival’s awards in addition to another entry showing out of competition. The latter proposal is an invitation for audiences to enjoy the latest creation by Carlos Saura, who was the subject of a retrospective and a monograph during Seminci’s 54rd edition. His brand new film The King of All the World, which will have its premiere in Valladolid, confirms the determination of the Huesca-born director to bring to the production of a musical play and re-launches the partnership between Saura and cinematographer Vittorio Storaro, the winner of an Honorary Spike in this edition of Seminci.

The other two films competing to enter the list of awardees play for higher stakes. Both are endorsed by their success in several film competitions: the intercontinental coproduction by Indonesia, Singapore and Germany Vengeance Is Mine, All Others Pay Cash, directed by Indonesian filmmaker Edwin and awarded with this year’s Golden Leopard at Locarno; and the Swiss film The Girl and the Spider, co-directed by the award-winning brothers Ramon and Silvan Zürcher.

With them comes the time for guesses, once the full line-up of 20 films aspiring to Valladolid’s main prize have already shown on Valladolid’s screens. The Festival’s award list will also celebrate the new directors who compete in Meeting Point and the documentary filmmakers selected in Time of History and DOC. España.

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