68th edition. October 21-28, 2023
2022 – 67th Edition

2022 – Nº 3

Monday, 24 October



The premieres in the main competitive sections are the main attraction of a film festival, but there are other additions. The different cycles programmed offer the chance to revisit emblematic titles that have passed the test of time but are still very much alive.

The works of Juan Antonio Bardem and Pier Paolo Pasolini are a good example of this in this year’s edition.

The Castilla y León Film Day, which is being celebrated today, has in store for us the recovery of a local classic. The awarding of the Espiga de Honor to Chema Sarmiento, one of the essential names in regional filmmaking, is a sort of journey back in time to 1984, when the Seminci discovered El filandón. Almost forty years later, the film that brought together the Leonese writers Antonio Pereira, Luis Mateo Díez, José María Merino, Julio Llamazares and Pedro Trapiello has undergone a new restoration.

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