68th edition. October 21-28, 2023
2022 – 67th Edition

2022 – Nº 6

Thursday, 27 October



Every year, the figure of the guest country offers Seminci spectators the opportunity to discover or remember the best of certain cinematographies, in this case that of Ireland. The review of the most outstanding productions of the last two decades in that country
allows us to enjoy on the big screen films by Neil Jordan, Golden Spike of the Seminci for Mona Lisa (1986); John Carney, winner of the 2017 Seminci Joven Award for Sing Street; or the highly recognized Jim Sheridan.

The author of the Oscar-nominated My Left Foot and Golden Bear in Berlin for In the Name of the Father receives in this 67th edition the Festival’s Espiga de Honor. His visit to the Film Week will serve to recognize his mastery of international cinema, which he will surely show off in the programmed master class. A round table on Irish cinema completes the day. And along with the masters present in the guest country’s cycle, there will be representatives of the new generations of Irish filmmakers. The relay is guaranteed, as evidenced by the presence in the selection of another Sheridan, Kirsten, with her Disco Pigs.

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