69th edition. October 18-26, 2024
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2022 – 67th Edition

2022 – Nº 4

Tuesday, 25 October



A friend of cinema from other latitudes, every year the Seminci also recognises the values that are closer to home. Current Spanish cinema occupies a preferential place in the festival’s programme, which includes a specific section with the most outstanding recent films. It also sets aside a day to celebrate the contribution of certain filmmakers to the national scene.

Today, a gala pays tribute to directors, actors and producers without whose work Spanish cinema would not be the same. Directors Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón and Fernando Colomo, actress Victoria Abril and producer Andrés Vicente Gómez receive their respective Espigas de Honor de la Semana.

All of them have written essential pages of Spanish cinema in the 20th and 21st centuries and the Seminci gives them a place in the gallery of winners with an honorary award in which their names could not be missing.

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