68th edition. October 21-28, 2023

Annie St-Pierre and Saulius Baradinskas present their short films in the Meeting Point section of the 66th Seminci

The 66th Seminci can be characterised by the quality of its competing films, but also by the quality of its short films, signed by emerging filmmakers and with probability of future consolidation. This Wednesday afternoon, 28th October 2021, the Valladolid International Film Festival received the visit of two of these short filmmakers: Annie St-Pierre and Saulius Baradinskas, who presented in their respective sessions their works Les Grandes Claques [Like the Ones I Used to Know] and Techno Mama.

St-Pierre’s short film, which was also written by the Canadian filmmaker, tells the story of Julie and her cousins, who have eaten too much candy, Santa Claus is late, and Denis, alone in his car, is nervous about the prospect of setting foot in his ex-in-laws’ house to pick up his children. In itself, Les Grandes Claques brings together a father and his daughter who is experiencing an early transition to adulthood: a situation that is as acidic as it is poetic.

For the production, St-Pierre counted on the participation of Steve Laplante, Lilou Roy-Lanouette, Larissa Corriveau, Amélie Grenier, Jérémie Jacob, Laurent Lemaire, Alice Charbonneau and Émir Cloutier. During the presentation of the audio-visual work, the director showed her joy towards the public for being able to be part of the 66th edition of Seminci. “I am very happy to be here,” said the Canadian, who concluded her speech by thanking the festival for “offering her the privilege of screening her film in this beautiful hall.”

Techno Mama, on the other hand, premiered at the Venice Film Festival and has also been screened at festivals such as the London Independent Film Festival, but, as Baradinskas said with a laugh at the beginning of the screening: “The first festival to select the short film was Seminci, you guys were cool before anyone else.”

The film tells the story of 17-year-old Nikita, who enjoys listening to techno music, and her dream is to go to the famous Berlin club “Berghain.” The main roles in the film are played by actor Motiejus Aškelovičius, and the mother by Neringa Varnelytė.

The short film portrays two generations in Lithuania, post-Soviet and independent, focusing on the situation of Lithuanian children who had to grow up prematurely. “I wish you good screening and love, there is always room for love,” concluded director Baradinskas at the presentation of the film.

Saulius Baradinskas was selected in 2010 as one of the Berlinale Talents. His first short film Golden Minutes from 2019 starring Billy Boyd, was shot on celluloid and in one take. He is also the founder of a live music channel called ‘Sapiens Music,’ which supports young talent, and in 2018 he released his first feature film Let Independence Return.

Techno Mama will have a second screening on Friday 29th at 22:00h at the Fundos Hall. Les Grandes Claques will be screened again on Saturday 30th at Zorrilla Theatre at 19:00h.

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