Sebastian Mulder: “I created ‘Naya’ using all the material available on the internet; I didn’t film anything”

Naya – Der Wald Hat Tausend Augen [Naya – The Forest has a Thousand Eyes], the second short film by Dutch director Sebastian Mulder, was presented this Saturday 23rd October 2021 in the Time of History section at the 66th edition of Seminci in the presence of its director, who -at the presentation to the Festival audience- explained that “in my films I generally focus on the relationship between humans, nature and technology.”

The film takes its name from Naya, a female wolf that travelled from Germany to Belgium. It made headlines in the Netherlands because it was the first time a wolf had been sighted in 100 years. Its director explains that “it was very interesting and ground-breaking in society because a wolf had not been seen for a very long time and its reinsertion into society attracted a lot of attention.”

Regarding the way in which the film is shot, Mulder explained that he had “created the film using material available on the internet and material from the cameras that the scientists had, I didn’t record anything.”

Naya will be screened again at Broadway Cinemas today, Sunday 24th October at 16.30h.

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